Why you Should Consider One Day Van Insurance Cove


Insurance business has grown to be one of the largest industries in the world. The companies have been diversifying their service delivery to serve the ever changing needs of the market. Insurance is indeed one of the most dynamic industries and it requires a very flexible person who can adjust to frequent changes quickly. This is the reason to why there are many and different policies to cover specific risks. The main idea of an insurer is to offer protection against any loss that you may suffer from your car damage. One day van insurance is one of the covers that are attracting many in UK insurance market.

One Day Van Insurance

One day van insurance is simply an insurance cover that is meant to protect your vehicle for 24 hrs only. It is said to be one of the most flexible insurance covers that you can find in the UK insurance market today. If you have a car and you do not use it regularly, then you can opt to go for this cover as it will be cheaper. You will only be required the insurance cover when you want to use the van. The cover will take effect for the next 24 hrs and any damage that is done on your car in between this time will be fully compensated as agreed. After the lapse of this time, the cover will have expired.

This cover is government by the insurance rules and regulations like the rest of policies. Age is a factor to consider and insurance companies will only allow the drivers who are between 18-75 years of age. You must be in possession of a valid driving experience with a minimum experience of 12 months. Your driving record on the road will also be very crucial factor on deciding whether you can get this policy. It is also worth noting that this policy can also cover a borrowed car but with the permission of the owner.

This cover is very flexible and it covers almost all the vehicles that are in the UK market. The rules on car description will be similar as to other policies- the general rule that the car should not be modified in any way. The cars that are legible to be insured must also be registered with UK authorities and be operating within UK. The capacity of the van will also determine whether you can have this cover or not. One day van insurance does not cover a car with more than eight seats including the drivers. Make sure that your van is not valued anything less than £1500 for it to qualify for this cover.


It will just take you very little time to process this policy. If you have fulfilled all the requirements, it will just take you minutes to have this cover. The insurer will immediately produce the certificate and post it online from where you can download it for future use. From there you can enjoy your day long drive for the next 24 hours knowing that you are fully covered. So if you are planning to have a driving test, sharing a long drive or borrowing a relative’s car, one day van insurance is the best cover that you can take.