Tips On Courier Insurance For Vehicles

Insurance is an essential part of the courier business for two reasons. First of all, any business that operates based on the use of vehicles has even more governmental regulations and rules to adhere to than regular citizens do when it comes to the use of their vehicles. That means that they have to ensure that all their drivers are properly licensed at all times and that their vehicles are fully insured.

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The average Boston courier service will usually go beyond that and take out policies that utilize all of the various types of insurance coverage allowed on their vehicles based on the laws of the state. Also, because they are always handling goods that dont even belong to them, but to their customers, they also carry large policies of a separate kind, usually simply called courier insurance, which covers the value of the goods that a Boston airport courier might be transporting for their client. Without it, not only would it be impossible for a courier to operate legally, but no one would be willing to ship with them knowing that his or her goods would be uninsured while in transit.

This courier insurance is a fairly comprehensive type of insurance, although again the particulars of what it covers may differ from state to state. In a standard situation, courier insurance is going to cover any and all types of damage that might occur to the packages you are shipping with a courier company while they are in that couriers possession.

This would typically include damage from weather if the packages are lost due to theft, if they become damaged in a vehicle collision, and if they were vandalized or somehow became otherwise damaged. The only thing to be very aware of is that most policies will only cover packages up to certain value. This means that if you are shipping goods with a courier company and the value of your goods exceeds the maximum amount covered by the insurance you could be facing a loss in the event of damage to your packages.

This is why it never hurts to do research into the insurance carried by a courier company before you ship with them. Sometimes you may have to take out an extra policy to be able to know that your company is protected in the event of damage being caused to your shipment.

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