What Is The Claims Process In Shipping

There are a lot of variables associated with shipping anything with a courier company, and people have to prepare themselves for the possibility that things do go wrong from time to time. There are a lot of things which can cause damage to something youre shipping, and most of them arent even due to any fault on the part of the courier company or their drivers. Weather, other vehicles, theft, and natural disasters have all certainly been responsible for a great deal of damage to certain shipments that have been sent with a Burbank courier service, but this is why all couriers have insurance on the products that they are shipping for their clients.

Claims Process In Shipping

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This insurance protects you in the event of something happening to your cargo, but you have to understand the claims process that your courier has in place to be sure that you get compensated in the event of something happening to your cargo.

Sometimes damage can happen which your courier isnt aware of as well, but the first step in any claim is to contact your courier company as soon as possible. The claim process is going to be slightly different based both on the policies of your courier company and their insurance carrier.

The reason that you have to contact them as soon as possible is because there is often a time limit placed on making a courier insurance claim. So if you dont claim as soon as possible, you run the risk of running out of time and not being able to make a valid claim on your damaged cargo.

The other reason you need to contact them as soon as possible is because they can then tell you how to move forward with the claims process, and can either guide you to the next forms you need to fill out or to the party you need to contact to make your formal claim. You also have to be sure to keep your items packaging, as proper packing will need to be checked for a valid insurance claim.

Although the process can differ from courier to courier, the common elements are always going to be the time and proof of damage and proper packaging. If you keep the package in the state it arrived in and contacted the courier as soon as you find out the package has become damaged, you shouldnt have any problems putting in a successful claim.

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